Thursday, October 30, 2014

Coolest Parisian I know...Because, I know so many....

Coolest Parisian I know...Because, I know so many....

Have you met Caroline de Maigret?

As of 6:20pm yesterday I hadn’t, but, tonight when the clock strikes 6:21pm, I can officially say, Caroline and I will be celebrating our one day anniversary.

Cue the Champagne and sparklers. 

Not only is this Parisian stylish, beautiful, smart and tall, she is as sweet as can be. I'm pretty sure I came off as the shyest person in the continental US and I'm also quite certain she could barely even hear me. But, let me tell you, she acted as if I was normal. For that I am forever grateful.  

In conclusion, I only ate one cupcake out of embarrassment. If she were mean, well, there may have been an empty 1 doz. box outside of Magnolia Bakery (conveniently right across the street from the Book Marc. Nice).

Please check out "How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits"

By:Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, and Sophie Mas

It's a good one.

- You know who (Alessandra...just in case)

Fashion Illustration by: Alessandra De Gregorio
Muse: Caroline de Maigret (Thanks!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

WHIT Spring 15. Dreaming of the 90's. Wearing Floral.

WHIT Spring 15. Dreaming of the 90's. Wearing Floral.

Nothing stated in the above is a bad thing. In fact, everything stated above is an awesome thing.

This season, Whitney Pozgay and Husband Parker Argote took a trip down memory lane.
Which lane? The lane of the 90's.

Alessandra <----90's Baby.
And ready for the biggest throw back ever.

As If Bomber Jacket. Tech Tu-Tu. Swing Dress.

Blaire Dress.

Gwen Top. Cage Skirt.

Happy Halloween Week.
Eat candy and roam the earth as Ghouls.

-Alessandra the Martian 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bonobos Fall Style Challenge? I Accept.

Bonobos Fall Style Challenge? I Accept. 

If you were unaware, I am a huge fan of Menswear.
Probably from growing up with a fashion savvy Dad and Brother. 

So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled when I got the opportunity from Bonobos to participate in their Fall Challenge. Not only did I get to research and get inspired by the Bonobos Fall men's suits, but, I got to design women's wear looks inspired by them as well. Curious of the outcome? Don't be.
Just scroll down 1-3 seconds and take a look. 
Scrolling speed may vary per person.  

This Season Bonobos is offering a fantastic Navy and green Blazer that just screams...
 "Get me a cocktail! Pronto."
When I saw this look I knew right away that a structured, more formal look was the way to go. I wanted to play with the neckline and seams since the lines and color of the plaid are so great and knew that the mix match of plaid direction would compliment the overall look. If I had a party to go to (hopefully I will soon, like, tonight maybe? Checking mail now) this would be my go-to.

To me, Bonobos can make any casual attire appear effortlessly cool.
For those of us who need to make the effort (me, in the morning, hoping coffee will just appear) well, we rely on brands that produce pieces that are great quality, design and a perfect fit.

Bonobos this season has a great selection of tweed blazers and button-ups. 
My style weaknesses.
Hiding. Credit Card. Now.

For a great casual, let's have a drink in the park in this beautiful fall day look, I couldn't stop at two ideas. I obviously gravitated towards these classic Blazer styles and fabrications.  I knew I could see this look turning into something unexpected like an oversized slouchy, almost knit-like coat. I have a thing for welt pockets and pocket squares, so, naturally, I added one. Coat paired with a neutral understated plaid button-up. I was interested in breaking up the print by adding seams to the front yoke. Fancy.

I love a good blazer, especially paired with jeans. 
I was inspired by Bonobos classic blazers and wanted to feminize the look by cinching in the waist and adding a peplum-vibe bottom half. To complete the look, I strayed away from a button-up plaid top, gasp, I know...and decided to once again play with the great line of the plaid, drawing attention to the upper half of the garment and sleeves. Fun fact, I just learned how to cuff my shirts the correct way this week. 
Only took 24 years.

Challenge: Complete.

Fashion Illustration and Design by Alessandra De Gregorio
Inspiration Bonobos Fall 14 Collection