Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Little Bit Of WHIT.

A Little Bit Of…WHIT

Yikes! Its been a little over three weeks since my last post. Please accept my apologies, for I was sleeping.

Recap…I have been working like crazy and traveling. Good excuses? Sure….

If you were unaware, I work for the company WHIT designed by the best boss an employee could ask for, Whitney Pozgay. And lets not forget the rest of the amazing team that makes everything happen, Parker Argote, Zonda Sochorow, Zachary Cooper, Jennifer Clemente and all our hardworking (never complaining, pizza loving interns. We love you, until the day you decide to leave us).

WHIT is a brand known and loved for its use of playful prints. So, it is only fitting that you would find at least five in this collection. One for every mood, I say.

-The Inky Cow Print (The favorite). For the days you want to feel as chic as a Scandinavian Cow, The chicest of all the barnyard animals.

-The Woodland Print- When you want to feel like you we were thrown into the world of Fantasia.

-The Mountain Print- For adventurous days outdoors when you want to set up a tent and say you went camping.

-The Wood Print- Lumber Jack at its finest, anybody?

-The Moon Print- Lets just say this is perfect for trying to hit on the man on the moon. Wink wink ;)

-The Thistle print- When you just want to feel pretty and WHIT-y….

Above you will see some of my favorite looks from the Scandinavian themed Fall14 collection.  
You will love them because I said you have to.

This collection is full of great separates perfect for the WHIT girl.  They are quirky, fun and adventurous.  What is so great about this collection is that it feels like you can make so many great looks with what is presented. It doesn’t feel like the pieces are set with the items they are paired with (though they look amazing as is).

Now I am not Biased (PROMISE) But I love this collection and I hope you do too.
Check out the rest of the looks on


Designs by WHIT and Fashion Illustrations by Alessandra De Gregorio 

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