Friday, January 31, 2014

Waking Up to Dior.

Waking Up to Dior.

It’s Thursday and everyone is holding on by a thread.

For us Fashion folk, the exhaustion has surpassed critical. Even chugging that 3rd Grande cup o Joe before 4:30 PM leaves you feeling the same….or the same plus the sugar high off that ( I have no idea how this got here) double fudge chocolate cookie. Yea, I have NO Idea where it came from, but I m sure glad it did, conveniently micro waved 20 seconds to gooey perfection. The universe is too good to me.

Why all the complaining? FASHION WEEK.

So In my spare time on the NJ Transit, I started perusing The Couture shows.
Reminding myself that sleep is really not an option for the Couture clad. At least I have 4 hours of slumber and 10 minutes of hitting the snooze button to look forward to tomorrow morning. Mmmm comforting thoughts.

DIOR. This dress is pretty bad ass. As a child I never wanted to be a princess but I was convinced I was a witch, and every branch on the ground was my broom stick.  This is our little secret, thank goodness this is a super private blog with username, password and security back ground check log in criteria (run on sentence? Eh).

If I had to be a princess for a day, this would be the gown of choice.  It’s girly with an obvious edge.  The layered flowers overlap on a sheer fabric the look depth and personality as the model makes her way down the runway. The only adjectives that come to mind are witchy and whimsical. Witchy whimsical it is. Perfect.

What I was really drawn to about this gown was the neckline. It wasn’t plunging because it was the focal point. It was a slight cowl that let the rest of the dress speak for itself. It was refreshing. I got to focus on the detail of the textile rather that the cut of the silhouette. It is simple but stunning and I can’t wait to be able to afford this 20 life times from now.

Sleep well! I will be gluing something to something broken I’m sure.


Fashion Illustration by Alessandra De Gregorio and Design by Christian Dior

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