Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stay Warm and Fancy.

Stay Warm and Fancy.

Hello New Yorkers…Are you cold yet? I have two layers of tights on.

I know the Polar Vortex has passed but winter is going to be sticking around for a while. So pull out your heavy sweaters and try your best to look cute while resembling a woolly mammoth.  
Spring, oh how I miss thee.

Over the course of the latest ice age, I took comfort in the one and only….and oatmeal with bananas….and almond butter…ahh ok and 3 dashes of cinnamon. Why 3 you ask? Because 3 is an awesome number and dash1 and dash 2 are never enough.  I like cinnamon.

Now for fashion.

Pre Fall 14.  I spent an entire Saturday and Sunday going through every single show (dedication, my friends). Some of them I even looked through 2-3 times (dedication x  2-3 times) .  Most designers really impressed me with some of their fresh ideas. So in honor of Pre Fall 14 I will be posting new illustrations of my favorite looks.
So stay tuned!

The Chloé look book was definitely a favorite. From the color choice, the Silhouettes and the shoes. I loved how laid back, yet structured it felt as well as romantic and bold. My favorite look (illustrated above) is the shearling coat. It is absolutely beautiful. From the striped paneling to the styling, I can’t think of anything I would change. Other standouts include a fun dot print mini dress with a ruffled bottom, a cocoon like coral coat that tied high above the waist, and a sheer striped lace skirt and top number that overlap to create a wonderful visual effect.  Honestly, I loved every look and I am convinced Clare Waight Keller is a layering genius. On a final note, please don’t forget to take a look at the shoes. I have a crush on them.

If you haven’t checked out the Chloé look book I suggest you drop everything and have a adventure.

-Alessandra De Gregorio

Fashion Illustration by Alessandra De Gregorio and Design by Chloé

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