Thursday, January 23, 2014

Giorgio Armani Meets My Favorite Color…Green.

Before I begin, a little update:

1.     It’s freezing again. Polar vortex #2 to be exact.
2.     I have been preparing for a Day After Tomorrow situation, in which I will be stuck in the NYC Public Library with Jake Gyllenhaal. IT WILL HAPPEN, DON’T CRUSH MY DREAM.
3.     I have eaten half a bag of Monty Bojangles Fine French Dusted Plain Truffles.
Ashamed? Yes and No…Mostly No.

Back to Pre Fall 2014.

Green is my favorite color, always has been, always will.
Any hue of green I love. Even if it’s difficult, I somehow find a way to think it’s the best color in the world. One of my favorite Italian designers in the world happens to be Giorgio Armani. So, naturally, Green and Armani were meant to pair up and make this lovely silhouette (illustration above).

If you know me, you know I love anything with an architectural flare. 
I gravitate towards clean lines, complex shapes, and texture. 

This look features a great full-legged cropped trouser with deep front pleats, a matching above the knee coat in more of a textural woven fabric, and paired with a lime green heel with a gathered leaf like detail and black leather gloves. 

The model really embraced this look elevating its appeal with an edgy side pose. Highlighting the great lines and detail of the coat, trousers, and heels. It must be awesome being that tall!

This look continues to stand out to me as I review Pre Fall 14 and I loved illustrating it.

Enjoy your Thursday!
You’re almost free to sled your way down a hill and into the weekend. Huh?
…as I continue to think I make sense.


Fashion Illustration By Alessandra De Gregorio and Design By Giorgio Armani

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