Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year Ladies and Gents! Oh Hey 2014


My 5 New Years Resolutions:

1. Eat less dark chocolate…and by less, I mean a lot less.
2. Wear high heels and be able to walk in them. No more standing in one place at parties wishing I could reach the cheese table. This year I will be eating cheese.
3. Stop buying shirts with dinosaurs, sharks or the loch ness monster on them. You have enough.
4. Daydream while walking less to avoid the all too common tripping and running into things. This is NYC and people are starting to notice and refer to you as “that girl…..”
5. Follow one of the above for a WHOLE year.  Pat on back.

Have a safe but mostly fun night!


Fashion Illustration and design by Alessandra De Gregorio

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays! Love, The Grinch.


Tis the season for great style, food, and company!

In my household we take decorating our tree very seriously. It is literally so bright it could be considered an eyesore.  Up until last night I thought my parents took decorating our house for the holidays too seriously. Till last night that is. My parents were outdone by my brother’s very good friend, Mr. Anonymous. This poor kid couldn’t go out for drinks because he was grounded
(at the age of 23) for not decorating his tree. This will go down as the greatest grounding story of all time.

As for myself, I’ve never been a huge fan of Christmas. I always thought of myself as the modern day Grinch and green just happens to be my favorite color.
However, this year has been different. At WHIT (the company I work for) we have been playing Christmas music since before Thanksgiving. All this music has made me, to my surprise, cheerful and full of joy. So to everyone…

-Alessandra (the Grinch whose heart is no longer 3 sizes too small)

Illustration and design by Alessandra De Gregorio

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Let The Blogging Commence.

This blog has been a long time coming and I am thrilled (and impressed) that I allowed myself to finally press the publish button and begin. I am officially a blogger...Bloggette? No just blogger.
Lets keep it simple.

As you can tell from the above  I am a fashion illustrator and designer.
Before I was an illustrator I was a professional doodler.

My hope is to share my work and in return receive wisdomous or constructive feedback.

Along with my work you'll get a glimpse into who and what inspires me, as well as the random thoughts that pop into my head every other second. It's a mess up there. If only my mind consisted of filing cabinets and a mute button. That would be ideal. 

I wish people posed for portraits more often. In a world of selfies and choreographed photographs, I always find it refreshing when there is an image of a woman relaxed, seated gracefully on chair.

In this illustration I wanted to capture the essence of a woman at ease with herself. Light weight fall to winter coat, checkered trouser with a unique top she found at a consignment shop. Gotta love those gems you find while rummaging through the racks while simultaneously trying to play it off like you weren't the one that just knocked all the sweaters off the hangers. Oops. You also gotta love how there is never a label in these fantastic finds. Always leaving you with the lingering question, WHERE DID YOU COME FROM??

Till next time!
Your homework for the week:
Eat as many holiday cookies as you can.
Extra credit if you score a festively decorated cupcake. 


Illustration and Design by Alessandra De Gregorio