Thursday, October 30, 2014

Coolest Parisian I know...Because, I know so many....

Coolest Parisian I know...Because, I know so many....

Have you met Caroline de Maigret?

As of 6:20pm yesterday I hadn’t, but, tonight when the clock strikes 6:21pm, I can officially say, Caroline and I will be celebrating our one day anniversary.

Cue the Champagne and sparklers. 

Not only is this Parisian stylish, beautiful, smart and tall, she is as sweet as can be. I'm pretty sure I came off as the shyest person in the continental US and I'm also quite certain she could barely even hear me. But, let me tell you, she acted as if I was normal. For that I am forever grateful.  

In conclusion, I only ate one cupcake out of embarrassment. If she were mean, well, there may have been an empty 1 doz. box outside of Magnolia Bakery (conveniently right across the street from the Book Marc. Nice).

Please check out "How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits"

By:Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, and Sophie Mas

It's a good one.

- You know who (Alessandra...just in case)

Fashion Illustration by: Alessandra De Gregorio
Muse: Caroline de Maigret (Thanks!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

WHIT Spring 15. Dreaming of the 90's. Wearing Floral.

WHIT Spring 15. Dreaming of the 90's. Wearing Floral.

Nothing stated in the above is a bad thing. In fact, everything stated above is an awesome thing.

This season, Whitney Pozgay and Husband Parker Argote took a trip down memory lane.
Which lane? The lane of the 90's.

Alessandra <----90's Baby.
And ready for the biggest throw back ever.

As If Bomber Jacket. Tech Tu-Tu. Swing Dress.

Blaire Dress.

Gwen Top. Cage Skirt.

Happy Halloween Week.
Eat candy and roam the earth as Ghouls.

-Alessandra the Martian 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bonobos Fall Style Challenge? I Accept.

Bonobos Fall Style Challenge? I Accept. 

If you were unaware, I am a huge fan of Menswear.
Probably from growing up with a fashion savvy Dad and Brother. 

So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled when I got the opportunity from Bonobos to participate in their Fall Challenge. Not only did I get to research and get inspired by the Bonobos Fall men's suits, but, I got to design women's wear looks inspired by them as well. Curious of the outcome? Don't be.
Just scroll down 1-3 seconds and take a look. 
Scrolling speed may vary per person.  

This Season Bonobos is offering a fantastic Navy and green Blazer that just screams...
 "Get me a cocktail! Pronto."
When I saw this look I knew right away that a structured, more formal look was the way to go. I wanted to play with the neckline and seams since the lines and color of the plaid are so great and knew that the mix match of plaid direction would compliment the overall look. If I had a party to go to (hopefully I will soon, like, tonight maybe? Checking mail now) this would be my go-to.

To me, Bonobos can make any casual attire appear effortlessly cool.
For those of us who need to make the effort (me, in the morning, hoping coffee will just appear) well, we rely on brands that produce pieces that are great quality, design and a perfect fit.

Bonobos this season has a great selection of tweed blazers and button-ups. 
My style weaknesses.
Hiding. Credit Card. Now.

For a great casual, let's have a drink in the park in this beautiful fall day look, I couldn't stop at two ideas. I obviously gravitated towards these classic Blazer styles and fabrications.  I knew I could see this look turning into something unexpected like an oversized slouchy, almost knit-like coat. I have a thing for welt pockets and pocket squares, so, naturally, I added one. Coat paired with a neutral understated plaid button-up. I was interested in breaking up the print by adding seams to the front yoke. Fancy.

I love a good blazer, especially paired with jeans. 
I was inspired by Bonobos classic blazers and wanted to feminize the look by cinching in the waist and adding a peplum-vibe bottom half. To complete the look, I strayed away from a button-up plaid top, gasp, I know...and decided to once again play with the great line of the plaid, drawing attention to the upper half of the garment and sleeves. Fun fact, I just learned how to cuff my shirts the correct way this week. 
Only took 24 years.

Challenge: Complete.

Fashion Illustration and Design by Alessandra De Gregorio
Inspiration Bonobos Fall 14 Collection

Friday, March 7, 2014

Short And Sweet.

Alessandra De Gregorio Fashion Illustration
Short And Sweet.

There’s a rumor going around that Mother Nature will be gracing us with a few rays of sunshine this weekend.
And No, Adele’s “Rumor has it” Song is not running through my head right now.

If I’m wrong please put all blame on the weatherman. He’s got all the cool tools. I only have a remote that eventually takes me to a weather telling station.

Though I am looking forward to some sunshine, I’m pretty sure it’s going to take a 6 month long summer to defrost the ice cube of a town I live in. It’s been confusing because I keep thinking Christmas is coming up.
Its been a little awkward accidentally going holiday shopping.

I don’t know about all of you, but I am ready to hang up my giganto coat and trade it in for something 10 lbs lighter. Preferably in the shade of coral, because for some reason that’s the only color I want anything in these days.

True Story:
I almost left Duane Reade yesterday with 5 different nail polish shades of coral because I thought they were all completely different and I HAD to have them all. The next day I returned to find they were exactly the same.
So I took a color blind test…..I passed….Kinda.

I will make you popsicles.
They will blow your mind. 


Design and Fashion Illustration By Alessandra De Gregorio 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Little Bit Of WHIT.

A Little Bit Of…WHIT

Yikes! Its been a little over three weeks since my last post. Please accept my apologies, for I was sleeping.

Recap…I have been working like crazy and traveling. Good excuses? Sure….

If you were unaware, I work for the company WHIT designed by the best boss an employee could ask for, Whitney Pozgay. And lets not forget the rest of the amazing team that makes everything happen, Parker Argote, Zonda Sochorow, Zachary Cooper, Jennifer Clemente and all our hardworking (never complaining, pizza loving interns. We love you, until the day you decide to leave us).

WHIT is a brand known and loved for its use of playful prints. So, it is only fitting that you would find at least five in this collection. One for every mood, I say.

-The Inky Cow Print (The favorite). For the days you want to feel as chic as a Scandinavian Cow, The chicest of all the barnyard animals.

-The Woodland Print- When you want to feel like you we were thrown into the world of Fantasia.

-The Mountain Print- For adventurous days outdoors when you want to set up a tent and say you went camping.

-The Wood Print- Lumber Jack at its finest, anybody?

-The Moon Print- Lets just say this is perfect for trying to hit on the man on the moon. Wink wink ;)

-The Thistle print- When you just want to feel pretty and WHIT-y….

Above you will see some of my favorite looks from the Scandinavian themed Fall14 collection.  
You will love them because I said you have to.

This collection is full of great separates perfect for the WHIT girl.  They are quirky, fun and adventurous.  What is so great about this collection is that it feels like you can make so many great looks with what is presented. It doesn’t feel like the pieces are set with the items they are paired with (though they look amazing as is).

Now I am not Biased (PROMISE) But I love this collection and I hope you do too.
Check out the rest of the looks on


Designs by WHIT and Fashion Illustrations by Alessandra De Gregorio 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Waking Up to Dior.

Waking Up to Dior.

It’s Thursday and everyone is holding on by a thread.

For us Fashion folk, the exhaustion has surpassed critical. Even chugging that 3rd Grande cup o Joe before 4:30 PM leaves you feeling the same….or the same plus the sugar high off that ( I have no idea how this got here) double fudge chocolate cookie. Yea, I have NO Idea where it came from, but I m sure glad it did, conveniently micro waved 20 seconds to gooey perfection. The universe is too good to me.

Why all the complaining? FASHION WEEK.

So In my spare time on the NJ Transit, I started perusing The Couture shows.
Reminding myself that sleep is really not an option for the Couture clad. At least I have 4 hours of slumber and 10 minutes of hitting the snooze button to look forward to tomorrow morning. Mmmm comforting thoughts.

DIOR. This dress is pretty bad ass. As a child I never wanted to be a princess but I was convinced I was a witch, and every branch on the ground was my broom stick.  This is our little secret, thank goodness this is a super private blog with username, password and security back ground check log in criteria (run on sentence? Eh).

If I had to be a princess for a day, this would be the gown of choice.  It’s girly with an obvious edge.  The layered flowers overlap on a sheer fabric the look depth and personality as the model makes her way down the runway. The only adjectives that come to mind are witchy and whimsical. Witchy whimsical it is. Perfect.

What I was really drawn to about this gown was the neckline. It wasn’t plunging because it was the focal point. It was a slight cowl that let the rest of the dress speak for itself. It was refreshing. I got to focus on the detail of the textile rather that the cut of the silhouette. It is simple but stunning and I can’t wait to be able to afford this 20 life times from now.

Sleep well! I will be gluing something to something broken I’m sure.


Fashion Illustration by Alessandra De Gregorio and Design by Christian Dior

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Giorgio Armani Meets My Favorite Color…Green.

Before I begin, a little update:

1.     It’s freezing again. Polar vortex #2 to be exact.
2.     I have been preparing for a Day After Tomorrow situation, in which I will be stuck in the NYC Public Library with Jake Gyllenhaal. IT WILL HAPPEN, DON’T CRUSH MY DREAM.
3.     I have eaten half a bag of Monty Bojangles Fine French Dusted Plain Truffles.
Ashamed? Yes and No…Mostly No.

Back to Pre Fall 2014.

Green is my favorite color, always has been, always will.
Any hue of green I love. Even if it’s difficult, I somehow find a way to think it’s the best color in the world. One of my favorite Italian designers in the world happens to be Giorgio Armani. So, naturally, Green and Armani were meant to pair up and make this lovely silhouette (illustration above).

If you know me, you know I love anything with an architectural flare. 
I gravitate towards clean lines, complex shapes, and texture. 

This look features a great full-legged cropped trouser with deep front pleats, a matching above the knee coat in more of a textural woven fabric, and paired with a lime green heel with a gathered leaf like detail and black leather gloves. 

The model really embraced this look elevating its appeal with an edgy side pose. Highlighting the great lines and detail of the coat, trousers, and heels. It must be awesome being that tall!

This look continues to stand out to me as I review Pre Fall 14 and I loved illustrating it.

Enjoy your Thursday!
You’re almost free to sled your way down a hill and into the weekend. Huh?
…as I continue to think I make sense.


Fashion Illustration By Alessandra De Gregorio and Design By Giorgio Armani